Joy 20 Y/O French Escort – Lesbian Show Service

Joy 20 Y/O French Dubai Escort - 69 Position Service Joy 20 Y/O French Dubai Escort - Lesbian Show Service Joy 20 Y/O French Dubai Escort - 69 Sex Position Service Joy 20 Y/O French Dubai Escort - Oral Sex Service Joy 20 Y/O French Dubai Escort - Porn Star Experience Service


  • Lesbian Show
  • 69 Sex Position
  • Oral Sex
  • Porn Star Experience
  • 69 Position


  • 1 hour rate – 1200 AED
  • 2 hour rate – 2500 AED
  • 24 hour rate – 9600 AED


  • Age – 24 Years Old
  • Nationality – French
  • Height – 171 Cm
  • Weight – 64 Kg


  • Culture Village Dubai

About Joy

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