Kailey 28 Y/O Thai Escort – Foot Fetish Service

Kailey 28 Y/O Thai Dubai Escort - Urine Sex Service Kailey 28 Y/O Thai Dubai Escort - Foot Fetish Service Kailey 28 Y/O Thai Dubai Escort - Cum On Body Service Kailey 28 Y/O Thai Dubai Escort - Groin Massage Service Kailey 28 Y/O Thai Dubai Escort - Toys Play Service


  • Foot Fetish
  • Cum On Body
  • Groin Massage
  • Toys Play
  • Urine Sex


  • 1 hour rate – 1400 AED
  • 2 hour rate – 1900 AED
  • 24 hour rate – 7800 AED


  • Age – 24 Years Old
  • Nationality – Thai
  • Height – 167 Cm
  • Weight – 55 Kg


  • Al Khawaneej Dubai

About Kailey

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